Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Work

Our Mission

Black in Computing adopts the position that when one of us is traumatized as a result of inequity and racism, all of us are traumatized. Our mission is to support and mobilize members of the Black in Computing community with the aim of effecting systemic change in the computing community where we learn and work.

Our Vision

Black in Computing strives to create unbiased and welcoming education and work environments that include Black people where we can be our authentic selves to learn and work without experiencing racism and bias.

Our Work


Establish an Equity Review Board to ensure that the consequences of innovations do not negatively impact people of color and impose disparate impacts on equal opportunity.


Deliver technical programming that features Black professionals and researchers in computing.

Leadership Development

Provide tools and resources to support scholars and practitioners in their education and career advancement.


Partner with institutions and organizations to identify policies and practices that perpetuate racism. Work with institutions and organizations to redress these policies and practices.

There is a role for each of us to build stronger, more creative, and more inclusive computing communities. Share with us what you plan to do.

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